Are you looking for an all-in-one client management system? Is it getting difficult to manage the billing and support departments of your online business? Do you need a company that can tailor and customize WHMCS to meet your business needs and objectives?
With Buy Now Depot’s professional WHMCS services, your in amazing hands because we utilize the WHMCS platform for our own website. We build, integrate, and customize modules in all sorts of ways including implementing third party and proprietery application services with the WHMCS Backend. When you obtain our WHMCS Experts your choosign the tools we have chosen for our business. One of the main reasons reasons we chose WHMCS over many other platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce which we support with equal capability as well. is the low cost to create and operate. Though made specifically designed for hosting companies it has a vast amount of tools that allow you to hone it to almost any type of business model ou are able to host a user-friendly platform to your clients for purchasing and availing the services on their own without the need for your intervention.

Our experts will devise customized WHMCS integration modules catering to your specific reselling needs. Our WHMCS business automation tools entrust the control in your hands and automate an almost unlimited amount of processes and process flows into function making the job of serving your customers with ease and professionalism. We help you set up payment gateways, billing, domain registration, hosting packages, server provisioning APIs and fraud protection services. WHMCS famous for the use by hosting companies can be implemented for many other purposes and industries saving you tons of money compared to many other like systems that are filled with seat licensing such as salesforce. At Buy Now Depot our developrs are experts in the field of WHMCS customizations and module configuration, implementation and can even build complex CRM’s and all the other tools you find in systems like Salesforce. We can actually build an entire system much like salesforce with the use of WHMCS at a fraction of the cost customized for your business purposes without the need for many seat licensing costs that can strangle many start up businsses as well as those already accomplished.


Benefits of Implementing WHMCS

  • Assists you with Domain Management with real-time registration, renewal, transfer and management of domain names and hosting services.
  • You get an integrated support interface that helps your customers get total transparency for tracking enquiries. There’s an admin panel, whereby the reseller (you) can manage domain names and provide response to your customer queries.
  • Can be configured for total automation of several processes of your clients such as billing, sending invoices, collecting payments and taxes, saving them invaluable time and money.
  • Multi-currency billing can be set up if desired. We can set up the currencies and tax rates for the countries you choose.
  • Totally customizable Designshelp you choose what you desire and what you don’t in the interface. You can make use of CSS styling to create the look you prefer.
  • Secure and scalable solutions that can help business of all sizes, industries, and verticles.

Why Choose Buy Now Depot

Result-focused approach

Our team of experts is highly skilled at providing customizable solutions to clients so that the result is a win-win situation for the clients and us.


We make sure that we offer a suitable level of transparency for each and everyone involved in the WHMCS set up process so that every participant knows what is happening.

Expert Handling

Our experienced team of professionals ensures smooth integration of the new systems into your operations model.


Hiring Our WHMCS Development Services

Contact us today to set up a free consultation for your business and strengthen your online presence. You can count on us at all times for your customized WHMCS service needs for almost any industry without the huge seat licensing costs found in equivalent systems.