Joomla is an open source framework that allows people to build dynamic web applications and powerful websites using various features. It is built on PHP and widely used all over the world. Its user-friendly interface makes it more understandable, and its strong community support makes it robust for developing applications. Whether you want to build a sophisticated website or an application for enterprise level, Joomla has everything to fulfill your business requirements.


Buy Now Depot – Leader in Joomla Web Services

Buy Now Depot, a leader in website design, website development, website templates, website builders and online businesses as a whole, combines years of experience and comprehensive approach to provide Joomla based web development services. Our services help your business stand out from the crowd and become a unique provider in your niche media markt. We work in a friendly environment to develop robust websites for our esteemed clients. Our wide range of Joomla web development includes the following:

Joomla CM in Development

Regardless of the industry or size, we design Joomla CMS websites for all range of businesses. Our websites are designed keeping the latest industry standards in mind.

Joomla Extension Development

Our experts including top level employees, sub-contractors, freelancers and other skilled workers that undertake your business requirements and then design a Joomla custom website. We make sure that our designed approach is inline with your needs, your brand and matches your website theme.

Joomla E commerce Development

If you want to develop an e commerce portal on a Joomla platform, we can help you fulfill your wishes.

Joomla Theme Development

We design and develop a customized and responsive theme for your business utilizing the Joomla platform amongst many others. Our themes are customized, easy to use and have attractive features to bring the client to the website, but also absorb them so they want to delve further leading to greater ROI.

Buy Now Depot Joomla Development Process

Our Joomla development process includes the following steps:

  • Analysis & Planning: Our team of professionals will work with you to understand your project requirements and collect all the required information about your online business. After then, we create a plan where we assign a group of people to the given project. We do more than place and walk away like most development companies we take a very active role in every part of your project from inception to completion to the future of your online business
  • Design & Development: In this step, we design and develop a theme for your website. After then, our developers write coding to make the site functional for the future. Along with that, we also do customization as per the client requirement.
  • Testing & Optimization: After completing the development process, we test our website core functionality. Here, our quality analysts use their skills and expertise to review your site and report errors and fix them.
  • Delivery & Support: We deliver an error-free website to you within a estimated time frame. If you find any issue, you can create a support ticket anytime, anywhere.
Why Choose Joomla Web Development Framework?
  • Highly Scalable: Being highly scalable and robust, Joomla framework is a perfect fit for every organization. Right from handing SMEs website to enterprise websites, Joomla can handle everything at ease.
  • Free and Open Source: Unlike others, Joomla is a free and open source web development framework. It is widely used by a large number of people.
  • Most Popular: Joomla is known as the second most popular framework after WordPress. It has all the features that a business needs to design and develop an attractive website.
  • Advanced Content Management (CM) System: Joomla is a perfect framework for all the organization having complex content management (CM) requirements. It can handle everything at ease.
  • Abundant Extensions: Joomla comes with lots of features and functionalities. You will always be able to find an extension for whatever feature you would like to add.
Why Choose Buy Now Depot for Joomla Web Development?
  • We have a team of highly experienced & professional people who keep an eye on the latest trends of Joomla development
  • We use plugins to add customization to your existing websites
  • We believe in developing only highly scalable and robust websites
  • We follow the industry standards and use the latest tools & technologies
  • We keep our process transparent and straightforward, and also there are no hidden costs
  • We do everything to make our customers happy,
  • We develop our websites, website design, website templates, online businesses keeping the security features in mind as security is vital for every organization despite their online business size

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With proven experience, track record and expertise in the marketplace, we can handle even the most complex Content Management (CM) projects. We develop web projects that not only suits your today’s requirements but are also liable to function in future as well. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get a free consultation right away. We are waiting to serve you.